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Christmas Decorations: 6 Amazing Ones That Work without a Tree

Happy holidays! 

It’s that time of year again when we gear up for the holiday festive season.

It’s often a time to relax and be with family and friends over delicious meals (yum!).

Christmas in Kenya is a season of good cheer which also comes with the customary Christmas tree and decorations.

But what if you don’t have a tree? 

Relax, we’re here to help. 

In this article, we’ll tell you about six amazing macrame Christmas decorations from Kenya that work without a tree and how to use them.

Six amazing macrame Christmas decorations from Kenya you’ll love

1. Green Christmas Tree Macrame

Christmas Decorations
Green Macrame Christmas Tree

You’ll love this complete macrame Christmas tree decoration, that’s 100% handmade in Kenya

It has some red bead detailing to add to its appeal and ensure it matches traditional Christmas colors.

2. Red Christmas Star Macrame 

Christmas Decorations
Red Macrame Christmas Star

Would you like to wish upon a star? 

Check out this exquisite miniature Christmas decoration.

It’s the perfect holiday decoration for creating a pattern on your mantel place or walls.

3. White Christmas Angel Macrame 

Christmas Decorations
White Macrame Christmas Angel

What’s not to like about this Christmas decoration? 

It’s a pristine white Christmas angel sure to add massive appeal to your festive season decor.  

4. White Christmas Star Macrame 

Christmas Decorations
White Macrame Christmas Star

Don’t want a red Christmas star decoration? No problem; here’s another decoration to consider.

The White Christmas Star Macrame has beautiful patterns that look outstanding wherever you place or hang it.

5. White Star with Beads Macrame 

Christmas Decorations
White Macrame Christmas Star with Beads

If bead detailing works better for you, there’s an option with this White Star with Beads.

It’s one of the beautiful Christmas decorations in this macrame range that will help your decor pop.

6. Yellow Christmas Bell Macrame 

Christmas Decorations
Yellow Macrame Christmas Bell

Is it really Christmas decor without a bell?

This Christmas macrame collection comes with this cute Yellow Christmas Bell with red bead detailing and some greenery.

You can also create patterns with it to hang along the walls or on doors.

How to decorate for Christmas without a tree

You now have six amazing Christmas decorations to choose from; but what next without a tree? 

Below are some easy and fun decorating ideas to inspire you.

1. Window decorations

Christmas Decor Kenya
Christmas Window Decor

Your windows with curtains or shades drawn present wonderful focal points to place your Christmas decorations.

2. Wall hangings 

Christmas Decor Kenya
Christmas Wall Decor

You can expect a beautiful transformation when you string several macrame Christmas decorations together and hang them on your preferred walls.

3. Adorn your ceiling lamp shades 

Christmas Decor on Lamp Shade

If you have ceiling lampshades or chandeliers with handles, it’s possible to hang some decorations on them to create a noticeable effect.

4. Create a table garland 

Christmas Table Garland

Any table presents a fantastic opportunity to create memorable Christmas decor.

With these macrame decorations you can create a garland with greenery.

5. Do a door wreath

Christmas Door Wreath

How about some door decorations? You can easily use a wreath adorned with our macrame Christmas decorations.

6. Create a statement section

Christmas Statement Decor Section

If you’re feeling bold and have an empty corner, mantel place or wall space, consider creating a statement section with this macrame Christmas collection.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the most traditional Christmas decoration?

The Balsam Fir is the most popular one due to its fragrance, durability and dark green needles like leaves. In Kenya, we use the cypress tree instead of fir and pine trees.

2. How can I decorate my Christmas tree?

It’s easy to decorate a Christmas tree if you have the appropriate ornaments and Christmas decorations. Study your decorations and create a pattern of arrangement from top to bottom. You can engage your family or friends to help you.

3. What Christmas decorations are trending?

Decorations made of natural materials and handmade decorations are popular. They’re a good consideration for your Christmas decoration mix.

With that, 

You’re now up to speed on how to decorate for Christmas this year especially if you don’t have a tree. NJKJ

We’ve featured in this article six amazing macrame Christmas decorations from Kenya you can use without a tree, and five ways to apply them.

If you’re looking where to buy Christmas decorations in Nairobi, you can order this Christmas macrame collection from us.

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