You are currently viewing Your Key to Easy Happy Shopping: The Lucidity Online Gift Card

Your Key to Easy Happy Shopping: The Lucidity Online Gift Card

At Lucidity Artisanals Shop, we’d like to introduce to you our online gift card to ensure you enjoy an easy shopping experience with us.

These gift cards will come in handy during those awkward moments when you’re not sure what gift to get someone from our online shop.

They come in various denominations; Kshs. 3,000, Kshs. 5,000, Kshs. 9,000 and Kshs. 10,000. 

This article therefore shares with you what items you can get or pair up for each gift card and how to buy the gift card online.

Here’s what you can get with this Kenya gift card

If you’d like to spend Kshs. 3,000 on Kenya home decor items, here are the options:

1. The 3000 online gift card



This incredible raffia basket organizer is ideal for organizing your dresser, office desk, dining table, or bathroom shelves.

It’s unisex and has dimensions of 20cm diameter and 13cm height.


Kenya gift cards

How about this magnificent lion mane mirror accentuating walls in any living space? 

It’s unisex and has a mirror diameter of 30cm and 65cm when you include the raffia fringe.


Utam Decorative Wood Bowl

This elegant decorative wood bowl enhances and brings a space to life. You can use it as a display on your food table, or to hold decorative knick knacks for any space within your home or office.

2. The 5000 online gift card

Here’s what you can pair up for the 5000 gift card.


Palm Wall Basket_

This palm wall basket is woven with 100% palm leaves. It’s a beautiful wall accessory that you can pair with anything.

Alternatively, you can pair up a neutral lion mane mirror or beard bead wall hanging with a raffia bunting.

3. The 9000 online gift card

With this card you can pair up more items, as shown in the selection below.


Odupoy 1


Beard Bead Black Wall Hanging_

4. The 10000 online gift card

These wood side tables have an elegant authentic feel that gives a stylish look to any space no matter the design style. What’s more we have assorted designs that give for a wide selection.

You can also opt to get more than one item, maybe a package of a caramel pouffe, sunflower wall hanging, isikuti basket, and farmhouse garland beads.


Sisal Rugs Kenya

With this gift card you can go for a round or oval sisal rug. Besides being hypoallergenic, these sisal rugs help to enhance furniture in any living space. You can use them to accentuate a bed, dining table, couches, entryway, or walkway.

#kiondopouffe or #wovenpouffelucidity

Neutral Woven Pouffe-min
Woven Pouffe Lucidity

The woven pouffe lucidity or kiondo pouffe are floor furniture pieces you can also get with the 10000 Lucidity online gift card.

The woven pouffe lucidity is made with polyester yarn while the kiondo one, is made with 100% sisal yarn.

Kiondo Pouffe Pink and Yellow_
Kiondo Pouffe

Remember, with each Lucidity online gift card you can create a suitable package with assorted products from the featured categories.

How do I buy the Lucidity online gift card?

  • Go to
  • Click on Shop Menu
  • Scroll down and select Gift Cards
  • Choose from any of the four online gift cards worth Kshs. 3 000, Kshs. 5 000, Kshs. 9000 and Kshs. 10,000
  • Once you’ve made your selection, proceed to checkout
  • Upon completing the checkout process, the gift card will be sent to your email and the recipient’s email and will remain valid for 30 days.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do they sell gift cards in Kenya?

Absolutely yes! You can get Lucidity online gift cards for assorted Kenya home decor. We have four types of gift cards that range from Kshs. 3,000 to Kshs. 10,000 and which you can buy on the Lucidity Artisanals Shop website.

2. Can you send gift cards via email?

Yes you can. Simply purchase a Lucidity online gift card on the website, and we’ll send it to your email and the recipient’s email address.

3. How do I redeem my Lucidity online gift card?

Go to the Lucidity Artisanals Shop and select your items from the Shop. Once done with shopping, enter the code sent to your email in the gift card field on the cart page and proceed to checkout. 

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There you have it; all you need to know about Lucidity online gift cards. If you’re looking for handmade home decor in Kenya, our Kenya gift cards will be useful to you.

Gift shopping for handmade decor doesn’t have to be exhausting anymore, you can easily purchase our gift vouchers , and we’ll email a redeemable voucher to your recipient.

If you’ve got questions or need further information, contact us on 0721668660 or email: [email protected]

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