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5 Home Decor Styles Trends to Consider for 2023

Do home decor style trends in Kenya matter?

Yes they do because they help you discover new, suitable living styles for you and your loved ones.

While it’s impossible to overhaul your entire home decor style each year or season, you can easily make minimal tweaks here and there.

In this article, I’ll share with you some house decorating styles and trends already killing it here in Kenya that you should consider in 2023.

5 house decorating styles in Kenya to consider in 2023

1. House decorating styles in Kenya: Revamped old school   

Have you noticed old 70s and 80s home decorating trends like wallpapers, free-standing bathtubs, and maximalist styles have made a comeback? 

Could it be nostalgia for the good old days? 


But if you really want this old school vibe invest in the right house decorations.

Checkout our recommendations for wall art decor Kenya to help you achieve or complement this house decorating style on the quick.

house decorating styles in Kenya
Maximalist Decor

2. House decorating styles in Kenya: Natural fiber furnishings 

Woven decorations such as rattan ceiling and wall light lampshades have proven quite trendy in 2022.

Rattan furniture is also chic since it helps deliver a funky Bohemian vibe, a trend we still expect to be on in 2023 here in Kenya.  

Furthermore, the need to incorporate natural or recycled materials in decor is currently quite popular.

We don’t have much rattan in stock except for a few lampshades.

However, we have plenty of natural fiber furnishings made from sisal and raffia like lampshades, pouffes and rugs for your consideration.

house decorating styles in Kenya
natural fiber lampshade

3. House decorating styles in Kenya: Crochet and macrame 

Remember your mother’s crochet furniture covers? Well, they’re now mainstream.

From place mats, table runners, cushion covers and bed covers, it would be unthinkable in 2023 not to consider at least one crochet or macrame house decoration.

Since I’m not one to leave you out of this indomitable decor style trend, check out our crochet pouffes.

House decorating styles in Kenya
Crochet cushion covers

4. House decorating styles in Kenya: Carved wood furniture and decor 

Straight-edged furniture is somewhat dull and doesn’t fit into all those nooks and crannies in our living spaces.

What to do? Bring in some curvaceous pieces to accentuate those flat spaces where nothing ever seems to fit.

We have in store a couple of incredible carved log stools and carved wood decor made from 100% Kenyan jacaranda wood by skilled artisans.

Sotet Carved Wood Decor_
Carved wood table

5. House decorating styles in Kenya: Organizers for home offices

More people are now open to the idea of a home office or escape room than ever before. It’s ideally a secluded space within your home, with a simple desk and shelves. 

It’s also a space where you conduct Zoom meetings, write, read, get some work done, or zone off to gather yourself.

I recommend basket organizers for this space to make it comfy, thus elevating your productivity.

House decorating styles in Kenya
Woven basket organizers

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the most popular home decorating style?

Most people prefer a modern look for their spaces that’s often characterized by monochrome coloring and natural finishes with assorted furniture designs, furnishings and decorations.

2. How do I choose a style for my house?

Begin by sizing up your space, choosing the focal points that you’d like to accentuate and considering the coloring. Settle on decorations and furnishings that suit the space and fit with your personal style and taste.

3. What are the new home decorating style trends?

People want warmth and depth in their spaces especially since working from home is a trend that has caught on. So they’re inclined towards earthy toned furniture and furnishings and handmade decorations like wall art, lampshades, floor rugs and table decorations.

And so it seems,

You have no excuse not to sample at least one of these house decorating styles in Kenya in 2023.

Best part? We have these home decor items to help you achieve your desired look.

You can order online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Or, visit our physical shop on Murishu road in Karen.

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