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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 5 Wonderful Home Decorations for Her

Looking for mother’s day gift ideas in Kenya? Come to Lucidity Artisanals Shop.

Every mother’s day presents the perfect opportunity to go hard in celebrating and gifting our moms.

We’ve got tons of timeless Kenya home decor items we know you’ll feel good giving to the mothers in your lives.

Because we understand how much you want to cherish and celebrate them, we’ve made a selection of five unique mother’s day gift ideas in Kenya for your consideration.

Mother’s day gift ideas: 5 mother’s day gifts to consider in Kenya

1. Mother’s day gift ideas: Sunflower Wall Hanging

mother's day gift ideas

With this incredible wall art decor piece, your mother gets to make any wall come alive and appear sunshiny. 

It has a ring diameter of 20cm and about 30cm total when you include the ruffled border.

This wall hanging is ideal because it suits any space, at home or office.

2. Mother’s day gift ideas: Isikuti Basket Organizer

mother's day gift ideas

We chose this raffia basket organizer because she can use it to store her precious jewelry, notebooks, makeup, or toiletry.

This raffia basket has a diameter of 28 cm and a height of 20 cm.

What’s better than this table decor accessory to help organize your mother’s desk or dresser? 

3. Mother’s day gift ideas: Boho Placemats Set of 6

mother's day gift ideas
boho placemats

Every mother loves hosting and getting guests to try her recipes amidst great conversations and laughter.

So, how about getting her these fantastic place-setting mats for this mother’s day in Kenya?

They only come in a neutral shade and have a diameter of 30cm.

4. Mother’s day gift ideas: Sisal Rugs Kenya

mother's day gift ideas
Liyambo Oval Sisal Rug

Sisal rugs have significant advantages, such as being hypoallergenic and resistant to moths, mites, rot, static, and dust.

We have two designs of the Liyambo Sisal Rugs; oval (2m*1m) and round (1.5m diameter).

They’re ideal for any space, and your mother will probably appreciate them at her bedside, dining area, walkway, or living room.

In addition, here are some helpful tips on the care and maintenance of a sisal rug.

5. Mother’s day gift ideas: Buya Garland Beads

mother's day gift ideas

If your mother loves accessorizing her spaces with little knick-knacks, these beautiful Buya Garland Beads will please her.

They’re 60cm long and consist of wooden beads and white yarn.

They’re perfect for decorating pillows, tables, and vases.

#Bonus: Lucidity online gift cards

mother's day gift ideas
Lucidity online gift cards

If you can’t decide what to get her, then consider our online gift cards.

She can browse through our site with ease selecting her pieces of choice. 

The gift cards vary in price from Kshs. 3000, 5000, 9000 to 10000. 

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You now have at least five mother’s day gift ideas all available to order online.

Or, you can also visit our physical shop on 84 Murishu road, daily from 9am to 4pm to have a look and feel.

We’d also love to hear from you on which unique gifts in Kenya you’d like for Mother’s day this year. 

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