About Us

We’re fuelled by passion and love

About Us
Njeri and Joan

It has been our long standing dream to create and make beautiful house decorations. 

Our mother’s sole trust in our abilities perhaps spurred this dream because she would always task us with Christmas decorations each year.

Fast forward to May 2021, and we resolved to give the dream a go by creating handmade home decor using natural or waste materials in our vicinity.

Thankfully, the dream finally became a reality when Joan created our first handmade decoration following countless trials and errors. 

We were not just delighted; we were completely over the moon and ecstatic!!! 

The successful Lion Mane Mirror production then paved way for more ideas and products like the Boho Placemats Set of 6 and Beard Bead Wall Hangings.

Whereas we started as a product-driven business, we quickly realised it was more people-driven. 

We simply can’t exist without the tons of artisans and crafters who put in back-breaking work, time and endure painful blisters to ensure we have beautiful decorations to display.

So rather than make it about us, the two sisters who launched their dream, we choose to make this story about all the beloved men and women in various parts of Kenya creating these beautiful pieces with us for your pleasure and enjoyment.

If you’d like to buy from us, browse the site and make your selection.

But if you want to visit and view most of the products physically, we’re on 84 Murishu Road in Karen.

Reach us on phone/Whatsapp at +254 721668660 or email: njeri@lucidityartisanals.shop

All the best; speak or see you soon,

Joan and Njeri