The Muthamia Band


What’s better to soothe your soul than some good vibes from the Muthamia Band?

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The Muthamia Band

Music soothes and calms the soul.

The Muthamia Band decorative craft figures understand this very well, so you’re sure to be entertained by their incredible artistry and traditional dance styles.

Distinct features:

  • Materials type: Recycled wood, wire, raffia, bits of cloth and other pieces
  • Dimensions: Height – 18 CM; Diameter – 13 CM
  • Color: Assorted colors

Care and maintenance:

You can either dust your wooden crafts gently with a fly whisk or gently wipe them with a cloth soaked and wrung in warm, soapy water. 

How to use:

You can use these decorative craft figures to adorn your bookshelf, mantel place, bedside table, TV, or wall unit.


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