The log stool is essential to Africa’s material culture and history. Carved log stools Kenya also form part of this rich heritage.

Vintage carved table furniture has exceptional sculptural power and deep cultural meanings that make it all the more appealing.

In this category, you’ll learn everything about these traditional Kenyan crafts. In addition, you’ll learn which wood is best to use for your carved wood log stools.

Carved log stools Kenya work best as side tables, accent tables or coffee tables. They’re suitable for any living space and fit in with any interior design.


Carving a log stool takes superior skill honed over many years, a feat made possible by simple tools like hand chisels and knives.

In Yoruba culture, kings, queens, and high priests proved rank with log stools.

An Ashanti King couldn’t wield power without an Ashanti stool in Ghana.

The Luo in Kenya still have a unique technique for their wooden sculpture stools.

They grow a tree with the sole intention of carving it. However, it actually takes a year to grow, carve and decorate one carved log stool.

These wooden carved stools, just like the ones for the Yoruba and Ashanti hold special meaning.

They’re exclusively for respected members of their society.