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The Most Important Thing to Know About Carved Log Stools in Kenya

Just in case you’re wondering how and where to source carved log stools in Kenya, we have them.

At Lucidity Artisanals Shop, we have assorted designs of hand carved wood stools that are ideal for use as accent tables or side tables.

We’ve also shared the most important thing you need to know about carved log stools in this article, including how to buy them online from us and use them in your living spaces.

5 hot picks: Best carved log stools designs in Kenya

1. Charred Bottom Carved Log Stools

Carved log stools Kenya
Charred Bottom

This wooden log stool comes from a rustic Jacaranda stump.

Its entire underside is blacked out to give the charred effect and the exterior is smoothed out and wax polished . 

It’s easy to lift and move around, plus all you need to clean and maintain it is a damp piece of cloth or spray cleaner.

2. Mguu Mbili Carved Log Stools

Carved Log Stools Kenya
Mguu Mbili

What’s striking about this carved log is its two bow legs. 

In addition to the legs, you can’t help but notice its smooth brown coloring with a wax polish finish.

3. Wine Glass Carved Log Stools

Carved log stools
Wine Glass

Shaped almost like a wine glass, this jacaranda stool is both functional and decorative. 

The wax polish provides a durable finish for the exterior, allowing the natural wood grain to stand out. 

4. Hour Glass Carved Log Stools

Carved Log stools
Hour Glass

A typical hourglass, these stools for living room Kenya are quite common.  

The exterior features a light shade of brown, smoothed out and waxed to be highly appealing.

The standard dimensions for all our carved log stools are 30cm diameter and 50cm height.

Please note: Handmade items are prone to negligible flaws and no piece is ever like the other. There will always be variations in the uniformity of straight lines and edges

How to buy carved log stools Kenya online

  1. Log on to our online shop to start your shopping experience with us.
  2. Beging your selection by reviewing the various categories.
  3. Add to Cart your selection(s) and Check-Out or continue shopping.
  4. If at Check-Out, fill in the billing details if its a first-time purchase.
  5. If you’re a repeat shopper just reconfirm the delivery location.
  6. To complete your order, pay with mobile money and you can either pick up from us or we’ll deliver to you at an extra cost.
  7. For more details on this process, check how to order

What is the best wood for carved log stools?

If you’re trying to identify or understand the best wood for carving, below are the crucial characteristics:

  • Durable without changing physically, no matter the weather.
  • Resistant to wood borers and other destructive insects.
  • Hard enough to sustain carving without splitting or cracking.
  • Appealing by meeting aesthetics through complementary color, grain texture, and patterns.

Mpingo (Ebony), a major wood bears all these attributes but is rare and prohibited in Kenya.

In such a case, there are other essential attributes to help you select an alternative wood carving species for your tree stump log, such as;

Parts of a tree trunk
  • Heartwood is darker than sapwood
  • Non-irritating odor
  • Minute pores and rays 
  • Fine to medium wood texture 
  • Straight grains and distinct growth rings
  • High or medium wood density and pretty hard body
  • Minute rays (1-3 cells wide)
  • Solitary pores or pores in radial multiples of two or more 
  • Vessels with simple perforations
  • Very thick-walled fibers and few parenchyma cells

How hand carved furniture transforms a living space

Carved furniture breaks the monotony of a manufactured look. 

Its design, color, texture, and pattern bring natural and organic freshness to your living spaces.

Exotic carved furniture gives your home a multicultural vibe and could be a valuable conversation starter for family and friends.

When working out your styling plan, remember that carved log stools are more of decorative than functional. 

They work best as a complement to your other furniture pieces. Use them alongside a sofa or lounge chair as side tables.

But don’t overdo them by having a similar look, try to mix and match the various designs.   

Carved log stools in particular are ideal for accentuating a console, TV stand, bed, or as stand-alone decorative pieces along a wall.

You can also use them as a stand or support for floral vases or potted plants.

Frequently asked questions

1. What wood are your carved log stools made from?

All our carved log stools are made from Jacaranda wood and have standard dimensions of diameter of 30cm and height of 50cm.

2. Where are you located?

You’ll find the Lucidity Artisanals Shop at at 84 Murishu road, off Forest Edge View road (same road as Bomas of Kenya) after the Galleria Mall roundabout.

We’re open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Contact us

We make our carved log stools from recommended and sustainably sourced ‘good woods’ like Jacaranda.

Our wooden stools come in assorted designs and are ideal for accentuating your spaces by giving them a natural, earthy look and feel.

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