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How to Use a Pouffe Ottoman: Consider These 5 Helpful Styling Tips

Wondering how to use a pouffe ottoman? We’ll show you how to go about it.

We have assorted Kiondo Pouffe and Crochet Pouffe designs at Lucidity Artisanals Shop to suit various color schemes.

In this article, we share the pouffe ottomans available at our shop and how to use them.

Pouffe ottoman designs in Kenya to consider for your home 

All our pouffe ottoman frames consist of a size 14/185 rubber tire, which is about 60cm in diameter and 20cm in height.

1. Kiondo Pouffe Ottoman Brown

how to use a pouffe ottoman

This Kiondo Pouffe Ottoman has a distinct brown and beige colouring and pattern that makes it outstanding.

You can pair it with pink, blue, gold, fuchsia, mint, yellow and orange tones. 

2. Woven Pouffe Ottoman in neutral and black

how to use a pouffe ottoman

If you like crochet, this pouffe ottomans will serve you well.

how to use a pouffe ottoman

They come in plain hues of neutral and black meaning you can use them in varied spaces with different colour schemes,

4. Kiondo Pouffe Ottoman (Pink and Yellow)

how to use a pouffe ottoman

The colouring on this Kiondo Pouffe delivers a joyful match of pink and yellow. 

Lilac, baby blue, orange, white and black are some of the colours you can use to complement this piece of floor furniture. 

5. Kiondo Pouffe Ottoman (Blue and Yellow)

how to use pouffe ottoman

If your space has grey, green, ivory and gold colouring, consider the Kiondo Pouffe.

This combination of blue and yellow brightens a space and can be applied to enhance several themes and styles. 

6. Caramel Pouffe

how to use a pouffe ottoman

If you’re looking for a simple pouffe ottoman without colouring or patterns, try the Caramel Pouffe.

As the name suggests, it comes in a Caramel hue making it ideal for use in any type of space.

How to clean and maintain your Pouffe Ottoman

Never scrub your Kiondo Pouffe excessively or splash it with water. Instead, here’s what you should do:

  1. Dust it down once a day with a fly whisk or appropriate dry duster.
  2. Once a month, wipe it gently with warm water mixed with white vinegar to remove any dirt that’s caked in and give it a fresh, clean scent.
  3. Leave it in the sun for 2 hours every six weeks to air out.
  4. Act on stains immediately by using white vinegar and a lint-free cloth.

How to use a Pouffe Ottoman

Pouffes serve as footrests, side tables, floor furniture or accents. 

You can use your Kiondo Pouffe in any living space functionally or decoratively as follows.

  1. Decor accessory to complement your style and colour scheme
  2. Coffee table or side table in the living room or patio
  3. Filler for a bare space that often comes under scrutiny
  4. Floor furniture to add to your usual seating arrangement
  5. Outdoor parties or picnics seating

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That’s how to use a pouffe ottoman, hope you’ve found this information helpful.

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