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Now You Can Buy Kenya Handmade Home Decor Online

Looking for Kenya handmade home decor? Lucidity Artisanals Shop is one of the best places to source unique Kenyan home decor.

We have tons of fantastic house decorations that can be yours just by a click.

In this article,we give you a sneak peak of what to expect and how to order them.

Kenya handmade home decor: Discover this online home decor business

Lucidity Artisanals Shop is a Kenya handmade home decor business in Kenya established in June 2021.

We endeavor to deliver affordable, quality handmade, and beautiful home decor items.

Below are some of the unique items you should expect to order online from us.

1. Kenya handmade home decor: Decorative wall mirrors Kenya

Kenya handmade home decor
Lion Mane Mirror Neutral

The Lion Mane Mirror is one of our handmade decorative items for wall spaces

It resembles a lion mane, so if you like some dramatic looks in your spaces, consider it. 

It’s has a ring diameter of 30cm and about 50 – 60cm when you include the fringe edge.

Besides this neutral shade, you can also get it in black and orange.

2. Kenya handmade home decor: Table decor Kenya

Kenya handmade home decor
Boho placemat

If you’d like to delight your guests at the next luncheon or dinner, try these Boho Placemats for your dining table decor.

They have a festive vibe to set the perfect mood for your guests.

Besides, what’s more, personalized and appreciative for any guest than their own unique boho placemat?

3. Kenya handmade home decor: Sisal rope rugs Kenya

Kenya handmade home decor
Liyambo Round Sisal Rug

If you love earthy decor, this sisal rug is one of our Kenya home decor pieces worth your consideration. 

It has a diameter of 1.5M and is one of our handmade decoration ideas for bedroom spaces. However, it’s still ideal for a living room, study, or entryway.

Additionally, read these tips on the care and maintenance of sisal rugs to ensure you enjoy them for a long time.

4. Kenya handmade home decor: Carved log stools Kenya

Kenya handmade home decor
Mguu Mbili Accent Stool

Consider this Mbuu Mbili wooden stool because a carved log stool is the best way to break a manufactured look.

Our logs come from Jacaranda trunks, one of the recommended woods for carving in Kenya.

This rustic log stool has a diameter of 30cm and a height of 50cm. 

You can use it alongside any furniture or to accentuate a console unit or bedside. 

How to order your Kenya home decor online

  1. Log on to our online shop to start your shopping experience with us.
  2. Then browse through to make your selection from the various categories.
  3. Add to Cart your selection(s) and Check-Out or continue shopping.
  4. If at Check-Out, fill in the billing details if its a first-time purchase.
  5. If you’re a repeat shopper just reconfirm the delivery location.
  6. To complete your order, pay via mobile money (refer to instructions and details).
  7. Once you select your preferred payment mode, click on the ‘I Agree with Terms and Conditions’ check box and then proceed to complete your order by clicking Place Order
  8. For more details on this process, check how to order.

Frequently asked questions

1. What’s the size of the lion mane mirror?

The lion mane mirror has a ring diameter of 30cm, adding the fluffy gives you a total diameter of 50 – 60cm.

2. Where are you located?

We’re located at 84 Murishu road, off Forest Edge View road (same road as Bomas of Kenya) after the Galleria Mall roundabout. We’re open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

3. What wood are your carved log stools made from?

All our carved log stools are made from Jacaranda wood. They have a diameter of 30cm and height of 50cm.

Contact us

Now you know where to buy Kenya handmade home decor items online.

We have an assorted range of products like table decor, wall art decor, sisal rugs, decorative wall mirrors and carved log stools amongst others.

We’re also available offline if you’d like to visit and view the items.

To reach us real quick call/text/Whatsapp us on +254721668660 or email us at:

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