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Living Room Ideas Kenya: Here’s the Easy Way to Decorate

In this article, we’ll share with you some of the best living room ideas for decor in Kenya.

Every home deserves a beautifully decorated living room since this is where you’re likely to spend most of your time. Besides being a space for your relaxation and entertainment, it’s also a social space for family and friends.

We have half a dozen house decorations to transform this critical space. They’re made from raffia yarn, a stunning natural fiber that creates incredibly beautiful, functional stuff.

To guide your search and selection, here are our five best living room ideas for your consideration.

How to decorate living room walls

1. Lion mane mirror: Decorative wall mirrors for living room

How to decorate living room walls on a budget
Lion Mane Mirror

Here’s one of our best wall art decor pieces for living rooms. This wall decoration stands out for its magnificent lion mane-like design.

You can be sure it forms an amazing focal point on any wall for those selfies and photos.

2. Sunflower wall hanging: Wall art Kenya

How to decorate living room walls on a budget
Sunflower Wall Hanging

This wall art decoration is similar to the lion mane mirror but without a mirror in the middle. 

It also one of the best living room ideas in Kenya to deliver a dramatic effect. You can use it as a stand alone or pair it with other wall pieces to enhance the look and feel.

3. Boho leaf: Simple leaf wall art

Living room ideas in Kenya
Boho Leaf

Natural leaves have elegant designs that translate into incredible decor.

This living room wall decor is no different. We recommend pairing it with a painting, wall mats or baskets.

4. Bearded raffia beard: Wall art designs for living rooms

Living room ideas in Kenya
Beaded Raffia Beard

Remember, raffia is versatile and creates any design with ease. So when you see this wall decor living room idea doesn’t it resemble a beard?

We recommend using it as the centerpiece to any pattern or as the primary decor accessory for your living room.

However, this shouldn’t limit your styling ideas as it’s appropriate for any bare wall in any type of space.

5. Raffia bunting: Kenya wall decor for living room

Unique wall art decor Kenya
Raffia Bunting

This unique wall decoration is one of our best living room ideas

These raffia wall decorations have appealing beaded detail to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

You can use them as stand-alone or with your other wall decor accessories.

What’s more, they come in assorted colors of neutral/beige, green, black and orange.

How to clean and maintain raffia wall decor

  • The BEST way to keep your raffia decorations clean and tidy is by regularly blowing or dusting them with a brush, dust blower or fly whisk. 
  • Act on sticky dirt or stains immediately by blotting with clear paper or cloth. Once the stain clears off,  wipe gently with a dry, non-dyed cloth, brush or sponge and natural cleansers. 
  • Repeat your cleaning actions until the stain clears. However, always pre-test a new cleaning product to avoid damaging your raffia decoration. 
  • Never use bleach or solvent-based cleaners on your raffia decorations, as they discolor with time.  
  • Never soak your raffia decoration because it will lose its natural luster and sturdiness.
  • Use a mildy damp cloth to remedy and keep your raffia decoration’s curls tidy.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I make my living room look beautiful?

There are many factors to consider like your color scheme, furniture design and style or your choice of decorations. If you want an easy quick solution, consider raffia wall decorations. They’re pretty stunning and are made of 100% natural fiber like raffia and sisal yarn.

2. What can I put on a plain living room wall?

You can consider our Kenyan wall decor pieces especially the Lion Mane Mirror, Boho Leaf or Beaded Raffia Beard. These wall hangings are unique and instantly become the focal point on any wall.

3. Where can I get Kenyan wall decor made?

You can get Kenyan wall decor made at Lucidity Artisanals Shop. Just contact us, share your brief and if it’s possible we’ll make it for you.

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Are you happy with these simple sitting room designs in Kenya?

We hope you are and that the information shared is useful. Here are some additional tips on how to style your living spaces with them.

Raffia is a great fiber with the versatility and sturdiness to create amazing stuff. We also have significant experience with it as the core of our wall and table decorations. 

Our unique wall art designs include; Lion Mane Mirror, Sunflower Wall Hanging, Boho Leaf, Bearded Raffia Beard and Raffia Bunting.

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