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4 Big Reasons Why You Should Consider Handmade Kenyan Decorations

Why should you consider handmade Kenyan decorations? Four reasons; they’re authentic, original, organic and sentimental.

Handmade Kenyan decorations are often like the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle since they come in to complete your space with a personalized touch. 

Some examples of handmade Kenyan home decor include sisal rope rugs, wall art decor, decorative wall mirrors, ceiling lampshades and table decor amongst others.

As a Kenya home decor store in Nairobi, we’d like to help you make the right decisions on these house decorations.

This article simply gives you four good reasons why you should consider handmade Kenyan decorations.

4 big reasons to consider handmade Kenyan decorations

Handmade Kenyan decorations
Kiondo Pouffe; Creative Upcycled Furniture

Handmade decor is achieved through persistent skill and craft honed over months and even years. 

But the trouble is well worth the results and is the primary reason people love this type of decor.

It’s also no mean feat, especially when you factor in the inconsistencies of materials and labor. 

Nonetheless, here are 4 big reasons to consider it.

1. Authentic

It’s an incredible feeling to own something made painstakingly by someone you’ll probably never meet. 

To think that someone worked on a piece with their hands and took time and skills (maybe handed down through generations) to create it, makes it even more precious.

2. Original

Mass-produced decor just doesn’t have the originality or uniqueness of handmade decor.  

You also have no way to personalize your style with manufactured decor, hence why people opt for handmade decor.

3. Organic

Most handmade decor come from waste materials or natural fiber. 

Case in point, our carved log stools and the creative upcycled furniture, which come from discarded wood logs and rubber tires.

4. Sentimental

Most handmade decor pieces have sentimental value. 

Consider crochet, embroidery, tapestry and clay products. 

Almost everyone has a fond memory of their granny or mum knitting them a sweater, scarf, or quilt.

How can you get the best from handmade Kenyan decorations?

Below are some handy ideas on how to get the best of your handmade Kenyan decorations.

1. Understand your style

Don’t buy any handmade Kenyan decorations if you’re unsure of your style. 

Reason being handmade decor’s inspiration comes from anywhere and anything. Whatever you select needs to resonate with you.

Thus the first thing to figure out is your style – is it modern, traditional, or a mix of both?

If neither, look at design magazines or websites for interior styles that appeal to you. 

Then consider how you usually use the space and how you want it to look and feel.

2. Consider your space

Once you’ve settled on a look and feel, assess your space. 

Review the wall and floor colors, ceiling height, general size, and focal points.

Next, refer to a color palette to see what decor accessories would complement it.

Then map out the sections that need decorating and what exactly they need. 

For example, does your space need an area rug, a wall hanging, or an accent stool?

3. Create a vision board

A fantastic way to visualize your ideal space would be to create a vision board that helps you create a layout. 

With a vision board, you put all your ideas in one place and receive constant feedback. 

By the way, you don’t need to do all these simultaneously. 

Create a project plan with a clear checklist, where you can quickly review each stage to ensure you get the best. 

4. Create a budget

As soon as you’ve worked out a plan, decide on your intended spend. 

It’s pretty easy to go overboard if you don’t set certain limits since impulse buying is sure to check-in. 

So to avoid such a muddle, set a budget by doing some window shopping, then make the appropriate selections.

Remember: Always weigh the pros and cons of the particular decor item based on your living style and needs. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Why do people buy handcrafted items?

Handmade decor is organic, authentic, and unique, unlike manufactured decor. 

It’s easier to achieve a customized look with handcrafted items because it usually consists of limited editions or items made just for you. 

Another reason would be sustainability because some of these decor items feature homemade decorative items from waste material.

2. How would you describe handmade items?

Anything made by hand or with simple, non-automated tools like chisels, needles, pliers, and scissors is handmade. 

You should also note that handmade items are prone to minor flaws, and no piece is ever like the other. 

There will always be variations in the uniformity of straight lines and edges.

3. What are some handmade items?

There are all sorts of handmade items ranging from jewelry, clothes, shoes, and decor accessories. 

In fact, you can find almost anything online, depending on your needs. 

If you’re looking for home decor, expect to find area rugs, assorted wall hangings, accent furniture, vases, place mats, lampshades, and furnishings, amongst others.

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That’s just about everything you can expect to know about handmade Kenya decor.

It’s a global phenomenon that gives you access to authentic arts and crafts from diverse cultures.

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